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College Athletic Recruiting Services was formed with one purpose in mind to provide student athletes and their families with affordable and highly effective consulting service. After 18 years of combined experience we determined that many of the companies that offer families help with the recruiting process where charging more and providing far less in the way of services, customer care and exposure.  We understand that our company is new and that is why we allow student athletes to create a FREE online profile.

The cost by many of the top companies that we have worked for in the past, have ballooned out of control mostly driven by greed and that is why we have created our own recruiting service.  We have put our time, expertise and money behind an affordable service that provides the athlete with maximum exposure, complete guidance and at half the price of our competitors.  There were to many times when we were unable to help kids with the recruiting process as the families were unable to pay the high fees.  It was after years of observation and experience that we came to realize that we could help student athletes and their families for far less money and contribute to the dreams of our clients.

Please take some time to browse our site and you will see that we have created a site integrated with social media, video, information, blogs and profiles with our client’s best interest in mind.  Our focus will always be on helping our clients achieve the exposure that is necessary to allow them to chase their dream of a quality education and to compete at the collegiate level.  Join our team and let us help you and your family through the difficult and sometimes confusing recruitment process.  Remember if the colleges are not contacting you, then you are not being recruited.  It all starts September 1st of your Freshman year!

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