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College Athletic Recruiting Services Hall Of Fame

These individuals are athletes which were assisted by our Scouting / Recruitment Consultants

    Hall of Fame

    Corey Spegal
    Mercyhurst University

    Brandi Krizan
    Clarion University

    Devon Locher
    Keuka College

    Ricky Lawncizak
    University of Dayton

    Aryn Zimmerman
    Misecordia University

    Andrew Ohm
    Monmouth University

    Steve Schmitt
    St. Francis University

    Rachel Conrad
    Wheeling Jesuit University

    Ryan Luffey
    LaRoche College

    Andrew Huska
    Concord University

    Chris Kish
    Fairmont State University

    Kylee MaCura
    Wheeling Jesuit University

    Mitchell Kalning
    Mount Union

    Thayne Mitrik
    Seton Hill University

    Julia Novotny
    Wheeling Jesuit University

    Anthony May
    St. Vincent College

    Cody Stolar
    Allegheny College

    Garrett Miller
    Allegheny College

    Dean Manown
    Alderson Broaddus University

    Hayden Rigo
    Shippensburg University

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