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What are the steps of college recruitment?”

1) Questionnaire: This one is simple. By returning your questionnaire, your personal letter of interest, and your CPOA profile to them promptly, you’ve then supplied him/her with all of the information they need to begin your evaluation.

2) Letter: In your 2nd reply to a school, if the coach did not ask for a video in his letter back to you, be sure to let him know that you have a video that you’re very proud of and you will anxiously await his request of your footage.

3) VIDEO: Not until a college coach has requested and viewed your highlight video can you be considered a serious candidate in his/her recruiting process. NEVER mail a college coach your highlight or game footage unless he/she has asked for it. Due to the massive volume of unrequested videos delivered on a daily basis to college coaching staffs nationwide, thousands of videos go unviewed every year. You must be prepared for your opportunity and promptly deliver your footage upon the coach’s request. This step is when many athletes are “weeded out.” For that reason, we recommend professional assistance in the production of your all-important video representation. Lasting impressions are often created with a particular coach in the viewing of the first five minutes of your footage. “THERE IS NO WAY ANY COLLEGE COACH CAN FALL IN LOVE WITH ANY HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETE UNTIL HE HAS SEEN YOU PLAY.” Be realistic enough to understand that not every college coach is going to be impressed with your talents, simply due to the hundreds of videos that they review year after year. The only way you’ll ever know if you’ve passed this critical 3rd step, is if you hear back from the school that you mailed your video to within 30 days.

4) Phone call: You cannot expect to receive a phone call in your senior year unless a coach has already seen you compete as an underclassman. With July 1st being the earliest date that the NCAA allows direct phone contact with graduating seniors, in all sports except D-1 and D-2 football, it is critical that your junior year athletic talents and academic accomplishments have been reviewed. Coaches will rarely, if ever, make a phone call to a senior athlete they have not seen play. When that all important phone call comes, you must be upbeat and positive regardless of the geographical location or level of play of the college that is contacting you. During your phone interview, be sure to ask questions regarding a possible visit to his/her campus to show your interest in the program. You can be assured that they would love to have you visit their campus.

5) Visit: There are only 2 types of visits a college coach can arrange for you. One is official and the other is simply unofficial. In an official visit, the college absorbs the transportation costs and on an unofficial visit, the parents supply the plane tickets/transportation costs. On either visit, the athlete will be treated the same with room, board and entertainment supplied by the school he/she is visiting. There is no way any high school senior is ever going to select his/her college of choice without first visiting the campus. Often enough, this is the time that the high school athlete is extended a scholarship offer.

6) Offer: The day you receive your first offer, you may want to mail a copy to any other colleges that you are seriously interested in, to let them know that you have other programs showing contractual interest.

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