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Kimberly Watkins

My Sport: Soccer

A little about myself:

My name is Kimberley Watkins and I am a senior at Valley Center High School. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, weigh 155 lbs. I am an extraordinary athlete who trains just as hard in the off season. I am quick and aggressive on the field and love competition. I believe I can compete with anyone at my position. I have one goal every time I walk on the field, to win. I am beginning my ninth year of playing soccer. I have played club, travel/cup and high school soccer. I have also been selected as team captain for every team I have played on. I started for my high school soccer team as a freshmen player and was selected team captain as a sophomore. I am truly a student of the game and my 3.8 GPA does not hurt my ability to understand play concepts and development. My dream is to play soccer in college. Academics are important as I wish to attend law school after I graduate. I would consider myself a true student athlete.

Contact this athlete:
Contact Kimberly Watkins

Athlete Name Kimberly Watkins
Address: 123 Main Street
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Zip: 85239
Kimberly's Phone: 555-555-5555
Parents Phone: 555-555-5555
Parents Name: Joan
Parents Email:
Date of Birth: 12/23/1994
Age: 18
  • Club Team: None
  • Head Coach Name: Bill Brasky
  • Number of years in Varsity: 3
  • Number of letters earned: 2
  • Height: 5ft 8in
  • Weight: 155
  • Jersey Number: 9
  • Primary Position: defensive midfielder
  • Secondary Position: defensive midfielder
  • Sport Information:
    Freshman ALL Conference Sophomore All State ODP Player 4 years Regional ODP Camp Club Arsenal Team Captain
  • School: Valley Center High School
  • Year of Graduation: 2012
  • School Phone: 555-555-5555
  • GPA: 3.8
  • SAT/ACT:
  • Class Rank: 31
  • Academic Awards: Honor Roll , Literature Award Extra Curricular Student Council, Christian Youth Leader, National Honor Society
  • Extra Curricular:
  • Desired Major: Pre-Law



  • References: John Doe - High School Soccer Coach - 555-555-5555

Athletic Camps

  • Athletic Camps: None

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